Top Summer Fashion Trends For 2020

Top Summer Fashion Trends For 2020

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Trending all summer long! Summer is here! This means that it’s time to hang up your sweaters, loungewear and coats and pull out your shorts and bralettes.

Summer 2020 fashion is all about exploring your feminine side and showing some skin. It’s bold, edgy, and it’s glittery. So if you’re planning to upgrade your wardrobe and ride the trend train, check out this list below for the biggest summer fashion trends of the year!

• Neon tones summer 2020 is a time too dazzle. During the New York Fashion Week held earlier this year, almost every designer had models walking their spring/summer runways in neon fabric. This summer, don’t be scared to stand out in metallic pants paired with bright pink shoulder bags! If you don’t feel comfortable wearing only flashy colors, go for bright accessories instead to add a pop of color to your outfit!

• Stylish Bermudas Oh yes, you heard us correctly. Bermudas are one summer 2020 fashion trend that everyone is going crazy about –from celebrities to college girls. And it’s not hard to see that this obsession stems from the fact that Bermudas are super comfortable apparels that go well with almost everything, from sneakers to camisoles, and even stilettos! So step out today and get those shorts in your favorite print and color!

• Linen apparel Stay cool and trendy this summer with linen apparels. Although linen is often the go-to fabric for warm temperatures, this summer 2020 it’s more than just a staple but one of the biggest trends of the season. So for the summer months, fill your wardrobe with linen slip dresses, strapless blouses, and lightweight bottoms.

• Bra tops Bra tops are quickly dethroning the famous crop tops and we’re here for it. From sequin accentuations to simple checked bralettes, the apparels are making a wave this season. So because less obviously is more this summer, don’t hesitate to bare it all. Pair your bra tops with jackets or denim shorts and show some skin!

• Butter yellow Looking for the perfect color for warm summer afternoons by the pool or for brunch with your girls? Well, say hello to butter yellow! This color is warm and captivating. It also looks great on every skin tone. So when upgrading your wardrobe this summer, don’t hesitate to go for this lovely color.

• Sheer layers This fashion trend involves wearing apparels over apparels. Now while this might sound hectic, it’s actually very chic and simple. To slay this trend, all you need to do is get some sheer kimonos and dresses and wear them over bra tops and hot pants, or body-con dresses. Complete the look with some nice sunglasses and stilettoes, and you can step out looking like a supermodel!

• Lacy dresses We all love a cute little lacy dress. This summer, fill your wardrobe with dresses made with intricate patterns and irregular embroidery to keep your look fresh and interesting. Bottom Line Summer is the only season of the year that gives us complete freedom to explore our style so don’t waste the opportunity. For trendy and quality apparels for your wardrobe this season, check out our store at today!


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